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CBD & Psychedelic Plant Medicine Therapy For Martial Artists with Gary Roberts

Posted by Paul Tokgozoglu on

CBD Can Help Martial Artists - Interview With Gary Roberts From Promises Innovative Recovery

Training in martial arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Judo, wrestling, & Muay Thai is my outlet for improving my mental health and becoming a better person.


On this fortieth episode of the Jiu-Jitsu Outlet podcast, I talk to Gary Roberts. Gary is a firefighter and an entrepreneur who is pioneering inside of the plant medicine industry.

Utilizing medicines like CBD, delta8 THC, & CBN, Gary Roberts produces CBD products that help people recover from pain and improve their overall health. Gary is also the founder of Promises Innovative Recovery - a therapeutic psychedelic plant medicine therapy center set to open in South America.

On this episode, Gary and I talk about Gary's background in Jeet-Kune-Do and how it helps him as an entrepreneur. We get into discussing why Gary chose to pursue a career helping others improve their lifestyle through plant medicines.

Gary decided to pursue plant medicine therapy to help his daughter recover from opioid addiction. After Gary's daughter tragically passed away, a fire was lit in Gary's heart to help other families. He began to learn more about how to produce CBD and how to introduce quality products to the marketplace.

Gary went on to start the Good Dude's Grow podcast to help his fellow firefighters learn about the benefits of CBD. Gary began to fight for the rights of first responders to use plant medicine like CBD to help with their mental health and pain relief. On his show, Gary interviews experts in the field on why medicines like THC, psychedelic mushrooms, or CBD are beneficial for people.

These conversations brought Gary to work on Promises Innovate Recovery. At PIR, patients will experience a five-star luxury treatment experience that will revolutionize modern psychological care.

At this center, patients will be able to utilize medicines like psychedelic mushrooms or MDMA under the direct supervision of a trained professional. In this caring place, Gary and his team intend to hold space for patients to have life changing healing experiences. 

In this episode, Gary and I talk about the benefits of psychedelic therapy and how a healing program should be constructed. We discuss why CBD & medical THC are good entry places for people to start in order to experience the healing benefits of plant medicine.

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Listen to this episode to gain a greater understanding of how CBD and plant medicine can help to heal your body, mind, and soul.

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The information in this episode should NOT be considered medical advice but instead educational information. If you are struggling with your mental health and you want to speak with a professional therapist, I recommend Talkspace... This is the therapy service that worked for me when I was at my darkest moments in life and dealing with panic attacks everyday.