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Jiu-Jitsu Outlet #45: Nathan Brooks - "You're Going To Find Out What You're Made Of"

Posted by Paul Tokgozoglu on

Real Estate Developer Nathan Brooks On MMA Training - "You're Going To Find Out What You're Made Of..."

Training in martial arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Judo, wrestling, & Muay Thai is my outlet for improving my mental health and becoming a better person.

Audio only version:

On this forty-fifth episode of the Jiu-Jitsu Outlet podcast, I talk to Nathan Brooks.

Nathan is a former MMA fighter and a professional real estate developer and investor. He is also about to launch his first book: The No Quitters Guide To Crushing Real Estate Investing and Living An Extraordinary Life.

As a high level player in the Kansas City real estate game, Nathan has built a wealth of knowledge about how to succeed in the industry.

On this episode, Nathan shares about why he feels everyone should train in a combat martial art like BJJ or MMA. We talk about Nathan's experience stepping into the cage and having an MMA fight in front of a large audience. Nathan shares about why this experience made him a better entrepreneur.

We talk about the value in training MMA and why everyone needs to develop a tough mindset to succeed in life.

Nathan shares from his vast knowledge in real estate investing and helps aspiring investors out with some critical advice. 

When talking about mental health, Nathan shares about how to overcome negative self talk. He gives some easy tactical advice for identifying whether or not your beliefs about yourself are true.

This is a conversation you do NOT want to miss!

Favorite quote - "You're going to find out what you're made of" - Nathan Brooks.

Want to pre-order Nathan's new book? Click here to order the No Quitters Guide To Crushing Real Estate Investing and Living An Extraordinary Life.

Connect with Nathan Brooks on Facebook here.

Want to learn more about what Nathan does to develop and invest in real estate? Click here to learn about his company - Bridge Turnkey Investments.

The information in this episode should NOT be considered medical advice but instead educational information. If you are struggling with your mental health and you want to speak with a professional therapist, I recommend This is the therapy service that worked for me when I was at my darkest moments in life and dealing with panic attacks everyday.