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Serial Leg-Locker Custom Shirt

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Are you a dirty leglocker always looking for heel hooks on white belts, even when the coach says to work on your pressure passing?
Do you practice your heel hook grips, even when no one is watching??
Have you ever tried heel hooking a chair or baseball bat to work on your finishing???
If so, you might need to pickup this shirt: the Serial Leglocker.
That way people have their tapping hands ready to go before the roll even begins.
The least you can do is give a warning…
Also great for a Judo player or wrestler who wants to make people THINK they’re a leglocker, even though they’re not…
Shown to increase heel hook effectiveness by 1,000%.

50/25/25 Cotton/polyester/rayon blend makes this slightly stretchy and super cozy.

Backed by our 30 day "don't love it, just return it!" money back guarentee.

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